En Val de Loire, derrière chaque grand château il y a un jardin à découvrir

Dans un article paru sur France Revisited, notre confrère Gary Lee Kraut, explique aux lecteurs et voyageurs anglophones comment l’évolution des châteaux, à partir de la Renaissance, est intimement liée à celle des jardins. Une invitation au voyage lors de l’année des jardins en Val de Loire.

Loire Valley : Where There’ a Château There’s a Garden to Be Discovered
Summer now brightens the Loire Valley. The limestone chateaux sparkle in ochre and gold. Chambord stands out in a clearing in the forest as an enormous and intricate block of limestone encrusted with slate in its crown. Cheverny appears bleached in the midday sun. In summer’s light Chenonceau seems to prance more lightly than ever over the Cher River. Azay-le-Rideau now enjoys its days in the sun after several years of restoration. The slate bands of Angers glisten grey.

But there’s more to these chateaux than elegant masonry. This year, while continuing to honor its royal and noble stonework, the Loire Valley is celebrating its gardens and their history.

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Photo de Villandry, GLKraut.

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